When Maidens Attack Released!

Action-RPG Platformer; gain experience, improve your attributes, collect gems and purchase powers. Your prized possessions have been stolen. Fight through 23 insanely zaptastical areas! 2-4 hours of re-playable fun! Can you get back what is yours?

Download now on the Xbox marketplace

Checkout the Trailer on YouTube



New Game: “When Maidens Attack”

We have begun development of a new game title, “When Maidens Attack” for Xbox Indie Games!

Development is currently underway and our expanding little team is already making major progress towards what we hope to be a timely and terrific completion spring 2011.

Game details and expected release date can be found on our Maiden Attack page.

Space Gladiator Released!

Our first Xbox Indie game “Space Gladiator” has been published!

Download the free demo from the xbox marketplace

Checkout the YouTube game trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ig_iZUGUdd0

Space Gladiator Gameplay Tips

  1. Hold RT and LT most of the time. You’ll output more damage over time.
  2. Try the short range cutter weapon against bosses (power-up looks like a “light saber”)
  3. More shields is better than more life (but upgrading some life is a good idea)
  4. Be sure to spend points in Shield Timer, it makes a big difference in the later battles
  5. If your ship is smaller it will be harder to hit you
  6. If your ship life is damaged try upgrading max life in the upgrade screen, your ship will be fully repaired
  7. Don’t ram the bosses they are immune to your collision damage

Space Gladiator

Welcome to Creaturesoft

We are developing our first game Space Gladiator for the Xbox

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